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About us

It is our understanding that we manage and provide an optimum of data flow. That's why we make data impact self-contained and finally simplify usage for your end-customers. We will thoroughly perform a data evolution from the data source or the original data usage up to the evaluated and optimized usage. Because we are best in comprehending, translating, evaluating and monitoring your data. Simply rd plus e - enabling intelligent data flow and usage.


Founded in Munich in 1981, rd electronic GmbH develops electronic data measuring systems and data management solutions for customers worldwide. In 1991, the company expanded its services and established a production plant, located in Dresden, and is a leading supplier of data acquisition measurement and electronic control units for the automotive industry. Additionally, rd electronic GmbH opened a further subsidiary to develop software projects for its automotive customers, in the fields of development and production testing.
In 1998 rd electronic GmbH was instrumental in founding the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM). It's affiliate company rd electronic llc, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, was formed in 2004, and the two companies have been providing solutions, based upon the ASAM-ODS Standard, to major automotive companies in North America, Europe, and Asia.
In 2012 rd electronic llc became rde data solutions llc, to emphasize the extended range of test data management solutions offered to its clients.

Our mission is ...

  • ... to provide our clients with consistent and robust test data management systems, realizing optimum safety and reliability for the end product.
  • ... to provide high-end electronic car devices, guaranteeing complete customer satisfaction.


Our international team has had the opportunity to support many customers worldwide, and has worked for the last thirty years with leading car manufacturers in Germany and North America to provide intelligent test data management solutions for test stands in their production plants. We are also currently working with clients on data management projects for renewable energy.

electronic systems & data solutions
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Development of client-driven electronics and data measurement systems that includes

100% reliability for test data management

Making data work more efficiently for the
end user.

Simplicity of
test data collection

Standardized automation technique/interfaces and GDI framework for test stands

Provision of high quality electronic car components

Producing high-end components for audio and sat nav systems, steering devices, audio and camera systems, etc. in cars.

Open connectivity to ASAM ODS or legacy systems

Solar PV system management software

Fostering CO2 emission savings via data pooling.
Monitoring the intensity of solar insulation as well as monitoring the efficiency of operating solar PV systems.

evolved with pioneers, innovators and data detectives
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"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves."

Thomas A. Edison

Our Team

The rd team is composed of highly skilled and experienced engineering, project management and programming specialists. We are operating in our head quarters in Germany and in the USA as well as with our customers on site, mainly in Europe, North-America and China.

  • Yvonne Kalliwoda-Auer
  • Matthias Bader
    software & hardware engineering
  • Jeremy Barr
    software engineering
  • Stephan Baumann
    software engineering
  • Annette Bell
    production & prototype construction
  • Keith Butler
    general management
  • Jürgen Döring
    general management
  • Kathrin Geßler
  • Wilhelm Hauber
    general management
  • Carsten Herrmann
    firmware & software engineering
  • Sven Hugel
    software & branch management
  • Christoph Keßler
    software engineering
  • Sigrid Ledl
    office management
  • Silke Peisker
  • Matthias Post
    software engineering
  • Axel Reinert
    production management
  • Elke Reinert
  • Kai Schmidsberger
    software engineering
  • Reza Shabanpour
    hardware engineering
  • Roland Steuer
    production & testing
  • Johannes Wolf
    software engineering
enduring success
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Selected client projects

Inventions, products and services



Energy | 1985 – 1998 | Germany

Power meter for high precise data capturing of stroking systems. Analyzing electrical yield of photovoltaic systems and fuel cells.



Energy, Research institutes | 1986 – 1993 | Germany

Measuring system (pioneer project) with different hardware specific input plugs and standardized evaluation tools. Analyzing and evaluating et.al. meteorological data, energy results and potential wind velocities with wind power stations.


Sonne in der Schule (Sun for the school)

Public schools | 1995 – 2003 | Germany

Measuring system incl. sensors and application software for small solar PV systems in more than 1000 schools. Introduction in photovoltaic energy conversion and related computer technique.


Automated grease production and test stand

Lubrication grease | 1989 – 2011 | EU

Fully automated test stand for determination of grease flow pressure and system control for production of high quality lubrication greases including control system. Improvement of product quality by automatisation of testing and production processes - saving process energy.


Driver Guide System & Test Rig

Automotive | 1998 – 2012 | worldwide

Computer based test system including drivers’ guidance via monitors and computer based test rig for brake assist systems. Individualised test commands for each car. Without programming knowledge testing processes can be adjusted to different car models and also expanded to new ones.


ASAM GDI standard device drivers and software tools

Automotive, supplier industry | 1998 – 2012 | worldwide

Standardized device drivers and software tools for the integration of manufacturer-specific systems (i.e. SPS/computers/automation systems/test stands).


Lexikon (lexicon)

Automotive | 2005 – 2012 | USA

A System ensuring consistent data management. Automatic conversion of e.g. regionally differing data like language, units.


Performance steering wheel

Automotive | 2007 – 2012 | worldwide

Displaying car information in the steering wheel, race computer. Assisting energy saving driving, giving more details as to performance and response time of the car.


Niftyshift (Schaltblitz)

Automotive | 2007 – 2009 | worldwide

Displaying the optimum point of time for shifting gears via coloured LEDs enhancing shifting.


Light relay

Car supplier industry | 2006 – 2012 | worldwide

Control of retrofit additional headlights. Intelligent relay, comfort feature: constant light intensity independent of engine revolution and charge of battery.


Mission Control

Automotive | 2009 | worldwide

Control device for audio output depending on the driving situation. Providing cues as to optimised fuel consumption and careful use of car.


Sat nav integration

Automotive, sat nav industry | 2010 | EU

Charging electronics of sat navs. Optimising integration of device into car.



Automotive | 2012 | Germany

Radio based output of detailed car data (e.g. engine revolution, oil temperature, lateral/longitudinal forces). Permitting users easy access via smartphone apps.

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